Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 color process

3 color process, originally uploaded by Tyson of Habein Studio.

This is an old photograph of Andrea and Pete processed in a new (old) way. It's Nouveau Nostalgia, if you will (

The first color photographs were shot on black and white film. 3 images were shot using red, blue, and green lens filters. They were then combined upon printing to create a color image.

We can do that today. We can even do it from the same image, if shot in raw format. We don't even have to use real life filters. This is a result of that same process done entirely digitally.

I'm a fan of those moments where you are allowed to combine the old and new technology for a unique effect.

I realize the majority of viewers aren't going to notice a difference, but I think often times, we as artists do things simply for ourselves.

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