Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thought Collective:

These are recent quotes and links and items from around the internet. Things I've found interesting enough to note as of late.

1. From Twitter: @warrenellis note to self: Colour = SUPERFASTSPEED / black and white = STATELY PROCESSION

I passed this along with photographers in mind, while Warren Ellis was speaking in terms of comic books. I find that my thinking in going into an image is much the same. Black and white is the intellectual, the classy, the classic. Color (or colour dependent upon your c.o.o.) is a sports car flying past you at 150 mph. It blows you away in an entirely different way. I love both types of images, and what I want to shoot will shift with my mood. They just work differently.


I've made arguments to this nature in the past. I've rambled on and on about how it is because of this that all imagery is subject to interpretation when created and when consumed. It's why so much photography is failing to re-gain the trust it once held. We spend too much time trying to pretend that we had the market on truth cornered to begin with.

3. Twitter again: @ScottBourne When I make a photo that causes someone to think, smile, laugh or cry, what camera, lens, f-stop is of no importance to them.

4. Sounds in Photographs

It makes you wonder what everyone's images sound like.

5. There's Something Big Beyond the Edge of the Universe

If you are a science nerd at all, you must read this. The title should get everyone's attention anyway.

6. Sidewalk Barrier as Expensive Art

It's interesting to think that we may be walking by pieces of art every day, indeed even using them for their utilitarian purposes and never realizing that they're there.

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