Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shooting on the Street

4 points of the compass

Recently I witnessed a discussion about what sort of shooting on the street was, and what wasn't "street photography". I think that as photographers, we spend far too much time trying to classify and categorize what we do and not nearly enough time doing it.

Recently Michael McMullin of Blankline Studios and I went out to do some shooting.

It was the last weekend before Christmas and thus was a busy shopping time for the Spokane downtown core. The only time there was a slow in the foot traffic that is often missing from Spokane is when the rain came. I'm not sure why Sokanites sometimes act as if they're soluble. I promise, the rain won't hurt you. It wasn't enough enough to bother my non-weather sealed camera.

when you leave to smoke, take your wine with you

I try to do this sort of thing every so often. It helps me to see things that I normally wouldn't see. It helps me to look at things differently. When one of the images is something that I'm truly pleased with, I can take that perspective and see how it can translate into my other work.

This is personal work, but it's all personal work if you put enough of yourself into it.

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