Monday, June 28, 2010

The Move

So the family and I have officially arrived in Great Falls. We've been here a little over a week now and are starting to settle in. Great Falls has always struck me as one of Montana's underrated cities. Certainly, Billings is bigger and Missoula is an arts mecca and some of the Northern reaches of the state by Glacier are some of the most gorgeous places in the world but Great Falls has a little bit of each of these things.

It's growing. It's got a community backing it that seem to be interested in getting everything they can out of truly being a community. That's something that a lot of larger cities often forget. While they may have more going on, they appreciate it less. Great Falls is cool in that way.

In the future I predict that Great Falls will become an arts and culture hub for Montana. That's one of the reasons I'm excited to be setting down roots here.

I'm now going to be officially making myself available for commercial shoots, weddings, and portrait work all over Montana. In a few weeks I hope to be in talks with some local places about hanging my work. And July will be the first issue of Electric City Creative. We're going to do things big here. Because we, like Great Falls, like it when things are happening.

Soon, we'll be moving everything over to the Habein Studio domain and business name. This blog will stay put, and the website for YellowHouse Photography will redirect for a time after the switch. New home, new name, new clients, new fun.

Speaking of which,I've got my first client booked for a big family portrait session on the 8th. I'll put up some preview shots after that happens. Until then: appeciate what's going on in your city.

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